Stun Gun And Taser Laws By State

Stun Gun And Taser Laws By State


Thank you for visiting our web site. Your legal concerns are important to us. We here at Self Defense Corp are dedicated to providing the most updated and accurate information that we can. The following section is designed to address some of the questions or concerns you may have regarding legal issues as they pertain to possessing self defense stun guns and Taser Devices in your state.
If you have any other questions regarding stun gun laws and restrictions, please e-mail us at orders@selfdefensecorp.com. We will make every effort to address your questions promptly and thoroughly.
Stun Guns Laws And Restrictions 
Stun Guns and TASER Devices are not considered firearms - they are legal to own in the following states: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT*, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL**, IN***, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, ND, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WY
U.S Territories: American Samoa, Puerto Rico****
* Legal for home use, carrying prohibited.
** A FOID card is required.
*** TASER subject to requirement of handgun license.
**** Special permit/training certificate may be required.
Illegal areas: HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI and all U.S. Virgin Islands
Annapolis, MD,
Baltimore, MD,
Baltimore County, MD,
Denison / Crawford County, IA,
Chicago, IL,
District Of Columbia,
Philadelphia, PA,
Is your billing address listed in a prohibited area above? Don't worry. Just provide us with an alternate shipping address from any legal area and we can still ship it for you!
Don't have an alternate shipping address? Don't leave empty handed.
Just because your state government won't allow you to have a stun gun doesn't mean you should be a victim. Please click here and consider these easy to use self defense products. Remember, any protection is always better than no protection!
The information we provide is strictly for research purposes. It does not necessarily reflect the actual law.
Please understand that your local goverment might have different restrictions especially pertaining to carrying. For example, some areas might interpret "carrying in a open manner" different than other areas. We try our best to keep the information updated. If you are in doubt whether it is legal to own or carry any of our products in your area, simply contact your local law enforcement over the phone. They should be able to tell you right away.

Specific Legal Questions

Are stun guns or TASER Devices legal?
They are legal for civilian self defense in 43 states as long as you are not a minor, do not have any felony record and only use if for self defense.
Can I carry them or put them in my car?

Most states allow civilians to posess them for personal protection. Different areas might have different regulations. If you are in doubt and need more information, please contact your local law enforcement or sheriff's office and they should be able to tell you over the phone.
Can I travel with it? 
It depends on where you are going and how. According to the Transportation Security Administration, stun guns and self defense sprays are allowed in checked baggage with restrictions and prohibited for carry-on. For more information, please visit TSA site or contact your airline, they should be able to help you.
Can I take it to Mexico or other countries?
It depends on how you travel and the laws in the area of your destination. Please contact the country's Embassy for more information.
State Statutes Regarding Stun Gun and Taser Use 
Alabama - Legal
Alaska - Legal 
•Under 18 and on school grounds if under 21 without permission from school prohibited (11.61.210)
•Class C felony if carried when violating a protective order (11.61.200)
Arizona - Legal
Arkansas - Legal
California - Legal
•Cannot possess Taser Devices in state or local public buildings or public open meetings (171b (a) (5)) or in sterile area of airports (171.5)
Colorado - Legal
•Use of stun gun in commission of criminal offense is a Class 5 felony (18-12-106.5)
Connecticut - Legal for in Home only
•Carrying of electronic defense weapon unless peace officer is punishable by fine of less than $500 or less than 3 years in prison or both (53-206);
•Cannot have in vehicle (29-38);
•Criminal use of electronic defense weapon is Class D felony (53a-216);
•Criminal possession of electronic defense weapon is Class D felony (53a-217)
Delaware - Legal
District of Columbia - Prohibited
•No person/organization may possess unless they hold a valid registration (7-2502.01)
•No manufacturing of destructive device within District and dealer must have license (7-2504.01)
•Law Enforcement and military permitted use
Florida - Legal 
Georgia - Legal
•Not expressly mentioned in concealed weapons statute (16-11-126)
•Expressly mentioned to be prohibited from being carried in school safety zones, at school functions, or on school property (16-11-127.1)
Hawaii - Prohibited
•Electric guns are not to be possessed, sold, given, or delivered except to law enforcement (134.16)
•Unlawful possession of electric gun is a misdemeanor (134.17)
Idaho - Legal
Illinois - Prohibited
- Requires firearm license - Illinois residents may only purchase from local authorized dealer
•Cannot carry/possess with unlawful intent or concealed unless at home or principal place of business (5/24-1)
•More unlawful use limitations listed punishable at various levels (5/24-1)
•More aggravated unlawful use limitations listed punishable as Class 4 felony (5/24-1.6)
Indiana - Legal
•Tasers subject to requirements of handgun license (35-47-8-4)
Iowa - Legal
Except Prohibited in Denison / Crawford County
Kansas - Legal
•Weapons as pertains to schools includes electronic devices designed to discharge immobilizing levels of electricity aka stun gun (72-89a01)
Kentucky - Legal
Louisiana - Legal
Maine - Legal
Maryland - Legal
Except Prohibited in Annapolis, Baltimore & Howard County
Massachusetts - Prohibited
•No person shall sell or possess electrical weapons; punishable by fine between $500-1000 or 6mos-2yrs in prison or both
Michigan - Prohibited
•Permitted possession and use by a peace officer, employee of department of corrections authorized by director, local corrections officer authorized by county sheriff, probation officer, court officer, bail agent, license private investigator, or properly trained aircraft pilot or crew.
Minnesota - Legal
•A person may use with reasonable force in defense of person or property
•Device must be labeled with or accompanied by instructions as to its use and dangers
•Devices must be according to local licensing requirement
Mississippi - Legal
Missouri - Legal
Montana - Legal
Nebraska - Legal
Nevada - Legal
New Hampshire - Legal
•Felon possessing shall be guilty of Class B felony (159:21)
•Sales are restricted to persons 18 and over (159:22)
•Use against a Law Enforcement officer or another person with intent to commit a crime is punishable as a misdemeanor or felony (159:23)
New Jersey - Prohibited
•Any person who knowingly has in his possession any stun gun is guilty of a crime of the 4th degree (2C:39-3) 

New Mexico - Legal

New York - Prohibited
North Carolina - Legal
•Unlawful to carry stun gun in a concealed manner punishable as a Class 2 misdemeanor (14-269)
•§ 14-269.2. Weapons on campus or other educational property.
  (d) It shall be a Class 1 misdemeanor for any person to possess or carry, whether openly or concealed, stun gun on educational property.
•Stun guns allowed to be carried openly by felons (14-415.1)

North Dakota - Legal
•Possession in liquor establishment or gaming site prohibited (62.1-02-04)
•Other than Law Enforcement, cannot carry in concealed manner (62.1-04-02)
•License to carry concealed dangerous weapon (62.1-04-03)
Ohio - Legal
Oklahoma - Legal
•Use of electronic dart gun while committing felony shall be guilty of separate offense (1287)
•Electric dart gun not listed in Unlawful Carry statute (1272)
Oregon - Legal
•Reckless discharge of electrical stun gun against another person is a Class A misdemeanor
•Knowing discharge of electrical stun gun against a Law Enforcement officer, EMT… is a Class C felony

Pennsylvania - Legal
Except Prohibited in Philadelphia
•Possession or use of electronic incapacitation device for unlawful purpose constitutes a 2nd degree felony with intent or 1st degree misdemeanor otherwise (908.1)
•A person may use with reasonable force in defense of person or property (908.1)
•No person prohibited from possessing firearm may possess electronic incapacitation device (908.1)
Rhode Island - Prohibited
•No person shall carry or possess or attempt to use against another
•No person shall carry concealed upon his person
•Punishable by fine less than $1,000 or imprisonment for less than 1 year or both and weapon shall be confiscated
South Carolina - Legal
South Dakota - Legal
•Commission of felony while armed with stun gun is Class 5 felony (22-14-13.1)
Tennessee - Legal
Texas - Legal
Utah - Legal
Vermont - Legal
Virginia - Legal
•Possession or transportation of taser by convicted felon is Class 6 felony (18.2-308.2)
Washington - Legal
West Virginia - Legal
Wisconsin - Prohibited
•Selling, transporting, manufacturing or going armed with electric weapon is a Class H felony
•Not applicable to peace officers, military, and corrections personnel
Wyoming - Legal


**Liability Disclaimer**
Absolutely no sales to minors under 18 years of age or any person who falls in one of the following categories: convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for any terms; fugitive from Justice (requires interstate flight to avoid prosecution or testimony in a criminal case); drug users or addicts (may be shown by recent conviction for use, recent possession of drugs, or recent arrest for use of drugs, or positive drug tests); aliens illegally or unlawfully within the US or those lawfully admitted in non-immigrant status (i.e. aliens without permanent residence status); mental defectives or persons committed to a mental institution; formally renounced US citizenship; dishonorably discharged from the military; subject to a court order prohibiting harassing, stalking, or threatening of an intimate partner or child of an intimate partner or placing such persons in reasonable fear of bodily injury; and convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. It is the responsibility of the buyer and not the seller (selfdefensecorp.com and Self Defense Corp, Inc.) to ascertain and obey all applicable federal, state and local laws in regard to the possession and use of all products on this site. By placing an order the buyer represents that he/she is of legal age, he/she does not fall in one of the above categories and that the products will be used in a legal manner. Neither selfdefensecorp.com and Self Defense Corp, Inc. can assume any liability for the use of these products and recommend the buyer become familiar with the laws in their city, state, province, that regulates the use and possession of these products. Consult your local and state authority before ordering if you are in doubt.

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